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Fault Tolerant Finite State Machine Design


Fault tolerant design is a growing trend nowdays. Methods involve from Formal Verefication to Triple Modular Redundancy (TMR). However we have designed a tool for designing Monitor-Based FSMs. Our goal is to be able to work on the safety critical issues during the design time.

The tool you are about to download has the following capabilities:

  • Visual design of a full finite state machine, including states and transitions
  • Assignment of variables to each state and transition.
  • Multi level state machine design. For more information visit Wikipedia Entry on State Diagram and David Harel paper on Statecharts
  • Production of C# console runtime from the visual design
  • MATLAB© integration
You can download the Tool from here
Note that the code was written in Microsoft Visual Studio 2010. In order to run the tool you are required to download the .NET Framework 4

NEW! You can join our team and start coding now. All you need to do is to contact me to get an account on our SVN page: StateFlow SVN Page

Some screenshots: