Cloning Repo

  1. Clone ibis repo.

Building Modules:

  1. -Download Android Native Development Kit (NDK) from and extarct it to <NDK_TOOLCHAIN_DIR>

  2. Navigate to “ibis/AndroidUI” folder and find and make sure it is executable. Then run the followings:

  3. ./ <NDK_TOOLCHAIN_DIR> <NDK_TOOLCHAIN_DIR>/toolchains/ curve25519-donna

  4. If all goes well, you should have a file named “curve25519_donna-1.2.1-py2.7-linux-armv.egg” in “curve25519-donna/dist” folder.

  5. ./ <NDK_TOOLCHAIN_DIR> <NDK_TOOLCHAIN_DIR>/toolchains/ pycrypto-2.6.1

  6. You should have a file named “pycrypto-2.6.1-py2.7-linux-armv.egg” in “pycrypto-2.6.1/dist” folder.

  7. ./ /home/hmohajer/Desktop/ibis-dev/Android-Dev/android-ndk-r9c /home/hmohajer/Desktop/ibis-dev/Android-Dev/android-ndk-r9c/toolchains/ tweepy-2.2

  8. You should have a file named “tweepy-2.2-py2.7.egg” in “pycrypto-2.6.1/dist” folder.

Downloading SL4A and PY4A

  1. Navigate to SL4A website ( using your Android device . The QR Code on the main page will redirect you to SL4A download URL. Install SL4a APK file.

  2. Once downloaded try to open the file. (You might need to go to your Android Settings > Setting and enable “Unknown sources“ to be able to run the file.)

  3. Install SL4A.

  4. Similarly download and install PY4A(PythonForAndroid) from SL4A webpage.

  5. After PY4A is downloaded, open PY4A and click”Install”. (For more information see )


  1. Upload all *.egg files created above to “/sdcard/Download” on your Android device. (You can transfer files over USB or use SSH Server app available on Google Play Store for this purpose)

  2. Open “Python for Android” app on your device and “Import Modules” uploaded in the previous step.

  3. Copy “ibis” folder to Android folder “/sdcard/sl4a/scripts”

  4. Make sure you have client configuration file under ibis/conf/client.conf on your device

  5. Make sure you have the correct “Node*VerifKeyFile(s)” and “public_keys_client.txt” and they are correctly addressed in your ibis/conf/client.conf file.


  1. Open SL4A application and go to ibis folder.

  2. Click on “” and then click on shell icon to open it.

Using App:

  1. Type in your message

  2. Click on “Request Twitter PIN”. This will open a browser and will navigate to a Twitter URL. Login with Twitter and authorize the app. Copy the PIN you are given to clip board.

  3. Use back button on Android device twice to get back to Ibis app. Paste the PIN into the “Twitter PIN” text box and validate.

  4. Click on “Send” once you are done.